ConspiraFACT EP. 4 – “Gray Man Run and Gun”


March 26, 2021


The Boys comment on a trending topic in the online firearms preparedness, Gray Man. Later in the program, Wes and Bill poke fun at Ted Cruz and his quick escape from the extreme TX weather.

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  1. Say wes. I enjoyed the show. I will tune in. All the mass shootings are going to hurt folks like us who want to keep our loved ones safe. Thanks for all ya’ll do and hope the migranes subside.

    1. i don’t know. The mass shootings are a political tool for sure….but doesn’t the ongoing presence of riots….and political violence create a CLEAR reason why the 2A shouldn’t be infringed?

      I am willing to endure the .00000001% chance of being involved in a mass shooting….vs. the historical certainty of habitual linestepping by a government when its citizens are defenseless.