Aftermath Roadmap

Here is an overview of the features and timeline for implementation on the site.

* Please Note:   This represents an estimated timeline.  These items may change or be pushed back until a later date.
  • January 2021 - Phase 2
    COMPLETED: Starting in January 2021 we begin phase 2 of our launch. Big things on the way.
  • February 2021 - Audio Player 2.0
    COMPLETED: New audio player with the ability to remember where you left off playing and works when the screen is shut off on mobile devices.
  • March 2021 - New Phone Apps!!
    IN-PROGRESS: Our new phone apps will work with all features of the website including podcasts, videos, social media, groups and more.
  • April 2021 - Aftermath FM Upgrades
    We are updating Aftermath FM to include new shows, a new website layout and more. We are adding the following features: Activity Reactions (just like Facecrook), Browser Notifications, Update to the Private Messaging features
  • May 2021 - Tablet Apps & Video
    Our tablet apps will feature the same system as our phone apps. We are also adding a new video system to allow our hosts to upload videos similar to other social media platforms.
  • June 2021 - Sponsor Shows
    We are adding the ability for you to donate directly to the shows you love and want to give some extra support to.
  • July 2021 - Social Media Updates
    We will be adding the ability to include Hashtags and will display popular topics similar to other social media platforms.